Rahbord Energy Design & Development Eng. Co. (REC) is an advisory and consultancy company committed to the development of policies and projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions as Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) in all over the word under the Kyoto Protocol. Our international and multidisciplinary team works closely with companies, governments and non-governmental organizations on reducing emissions in energy, households, industry and agriculture.

REC is an independent expert in international and national climate law, policies, project design and finance. We have been pioneering carbon markets and CDM consultancy services since their inception and ratifying the Kyoto Protocol by the Islamic Republic of Iran besides our activities in Oil and Gas industry. We aim to find a creative and unique solution for every single client, ranging from the development of policies to protect the rainforest to structuring greenhouse gas mitigation projects in the energy sector. Our advice is rooted in a profound knowledge of climate change policies, emission trading schemes and project development.

We are your partner, if you …

  • Need professional advice for your project idea,
  • Want to build capacity,
  • Look for financial support to realize your project,
  • Search for a CER buyer or seller.

Today, the consequences of climate change are visible nearly everywhere on earth. It has been largely agreed that the influence of human activities is one decisive factor, predominantly caused by Greenhouse Gas emissions (CO2, CH4 et al.) which are rapidly increasing with the rising demand for power world-wide, inter alia.

 There are several ways to mitigate this global problem, one of which is developing so-called Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects, a market-based instrument put down in the framework of the Kyoto-Protocol.